Greetings, programs.

Finally got myself together and started linking social media accounts. I should at least pretend to be a “real” DJ and promote myself properly. 😛

Instagram: @mp3jsark
Twitter: @mp3jsark

There is probably some other obscure social media account I have floating around somewhere, but my last-generation brain barely figured out how to make this all work at this point. I have a new primary email address, which you can probably figure out from the URL of this site. I obviously don’t want to link it here because all the spams.

Things are looking to pick up, so if you look here at all, there may actually be posts. OH, and before I forget, there’s an email list you can sign up for if you’d like updates about my schedule that way.  It’s a Mailchimp email list manager, and I post out maybe once or twice a month. I’d love it if you signed up, because it’s the only way I know the message at least got to you, unlike certain social media sites….