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All the nettywerks!

Greetings, programs. Finally got myself together and started linking social media accounts. I should at least pretend to be a “real” DJ and promote myself properly. 😛 Instagram: @mp3jsark Twitter: @mp3jsark Facebook: Mixcloud: There is probably some other obscure social media account I have floating around somewhere, but my last-generation brain barely figured out how…

Karaoke tonight 3/19/18

Getting ready to head out for the first of the last two dates at Karma Lounge. They are closing doors next week. It’s been a fun ride with some fun people. I hope they get a nice chunk of change for the place.

Working on a project and listening to….

JAMES RAY: Another Million Dollars-E.P. by James Ray

Yet another first time.

Y’know, I create a new site, and then completely forget about it for years. So let’s see what happens. I’ve found myself with quite a few opportunities to get back into DJing. It’s time to follow through and see what happens. Not everyone gets this lucky, so I feel like it’s my responsibility to make…